Saturday, April 18, 2009

Big Improvements on the Way will be undergoing a big redesign. Why? Because the site is not nearly good enough. The website is currently a one-trick pony: ratings. Users are not being sucked into an entertaining and engaging experience and, as a result, they are leaving and not coming back (and not telling their friends). How can we tell? Traffic spiked following our appearance on Fox News but subsequently dropped off a cliff. So, I'm asking the 12 people who visit the site on a regular basis to give us their ideas for improving it. Unfortunately, the majority of these people are mentally ill. So, if you are one of the 4 or 5 people who aren't....nevermind, we'll take suggestions from anyone. A couple of caveats: We're sticking with the domain, as bad as it is. I just can't handle starting from SEO scratch. Just so we're not duplicating effort, here are the changes we're already planning to make short-term:

1. Syndicated dynamic content from a 'People Search' site on each profile so each profile is a one stop shop for people info.

2. Making the ratings section smaller, moving it directly under the profile pic and making it a widget that can be easily put on anyone's site or blog. The dropdown voting will be eliminated and qualities will appear dynamically in order of highest to lowest rating received.

3. On the right side, adding a picture rating widget, where comments can be added. Again, easy to copy onto your site.

4. Adding a 'Compare People' feature that introduces an element of competition.

5. Adding profile browsing/sorting by quality and location. Forinstance, search for smartest person in San Antonio.

6. Adding ratings alert that emails you when you've been rated.

7. Adding 'Tell a Friend' feature during profile creation process.

8. Adding a pic gallery during profile creation process to make adding a pic easier.

9. Moving profile comments higher so they are visible without scrolling down.

10. College/Co. pages enabling you to sort profiles by institution & year.

11. Scale then crop on all pics.

12. Adding a 'Top Stories' page, which will feature interesting recent postings in the form of a blog, with commentary and possibly investigation. I'd love ideas for a great name.

13. Adding 'Leave {Profile Name} a private message' feature. Also, 'Claim Your Profile' feature that allows you to retrieve your messages.

14. 'Recommend this Person' feature, where users can register or sign in with FB Connect & recommend the person ala linkedin.

15. {Profile Name} Quiz widget, where you can answer questions about the person.* FB app, iphone app, mobile version

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